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September 4, 2011








The BAD GIRLS hit the streets of Granada..

September 1, 2011

The BAD GIRLS hit the streets of Granada...

Harry discovers that all is not Heaven in Paradise…turns out there are some serious dues to pay. He’s packed in his old life in Duluth and traded it for a pair of flipflops and an endless supply of sex and sixpacks. He’s not alone; seems there are a whole bunch of middle-aged Casanovas in Granada Nicaragua–once a tropical backwater, but fast becoming a destination for guys–and some gals–looking for an afterlife in the here and now. Harry, Buggy, Homicide Al are in it up to their necks—a mix of booze, babes—and very serious mayhem. Extortion, Lust?, Murder? They’re all here, comically dark; satirically wild.